About Us

RS International General Trading and Contracting Company, W.L.L., is a Kuwait based company that specializes in providing solutions to our local and western partners. We understand both the Western and Middle Eastern cultures, which allows us to bridge the gap between the two markets. Many of the local government organizations and companies that we work with look to us to provide solutions and now, with the ever growing demand to modernize and expand, they are more eager than ever to work with solution based companies.

Business in the Middle East is strongly dependent on relationships and the trust that builds over time. RS International has developed these relationships with the local companies and government organizations. There are numerous opportunities that await foreign companies and many companies have tried to break into these markets with little success. Those that have succeeded are companies that are product driven that provide little or no support, leaving the local market weary of foreign companies. However, RS International can help these foreign companies provide solutions to the market with it's unique approach and support structure, thus paving the way for foreign organizations to succeed where others have failed.

Our strategic locations in Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain, USA, Pakistan and Afghanistan markets gives our partners a competitive advantage in saving valuable time on completing projects. Rest assured that once a relationship is established with RS International, doors would open to reliable resources throughout the Middle East.